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24-Oct-2017 10:59

” But things got interesting when Andy asked which of her MTV castmates she regrets dating. “I would say Justin [Bobby], but I never really dated him.And yet they can still say nice things about each other!Robert Pattinson is finally sharing his thoughts on President Donald Trump‘s tweets about his ex Kristen Stewart cheating on him (though he wasn’t president at the time).If you recall, back in 2012, Trump tweeted (11 times!who spilled the dirt on what was fake.” Of course, MTV‘s reality soap tore down its own curtain in the series finale in 2010, but that doesn't stop Kristin from sharing more details in every media appearance. “Pretty fake,” she laughed, acknowledging that producers definitely told her and the other castmembers what to say and do. and yes, her distaste for co-star Lauren Conrad wasn't staged at all.

Last night on The Hills, the crew marked 100 episodes of the MTV show with a trip to Costa Rica, which offered both incredible scenery and crazy hookups.

Justin ''Bobby'' Brescia never wanted to be a Hollywood star, he wanted to cut hair, play music and surf, so it is no wonder he is not willing to be diplomatic when it comes to the celebrities producers once called his friends.