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However, when Sookee and Hideko begin to develop unexpected emotions for each other, they start putting together a plan of their own.

With breathtaking visuals, grandiose set design and frenzied humour, 'The Handmaiden' is one of the year’s most anticipated films - an opulent and labyrinthine tale of deception, romance and triple-crossing that marks a career high for one of modern cinema’s most thrilling auteurs.

Under the 2015 agreement, the two governments agreed that the issue would be "irreversibly resolved" if both sides fulfilled their obligations.

Mr Nikai, the number two executive in his party behind Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, is usually known for his generally warm ties with South Korea and China.

“I don't know if in South Korea there are even a handful, but they must be eradicated,” Nikai was quoted as saying.

He also expressed hope for the two countries to “get along well” and not to have relations tangled with “trivial matters”.

'Comfort women' is a euphemistic term referring to those forced to work in Japan's wartime brothels, an issue that has long plagued bilateral ties.

From visionary director Park Chan-wook ('Oldboy' and 'Stoker') comes 'The Handmaiden', a sumptuous and exhilarating period thriller inspired by Sarah Waters’ best-selling novel 'Fingersmith'.

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Hollywood celebrities and politicians are even in on the trend, and live streams can be a great source of on-the-spot news and real-time participation in important events.

So, what are these apps that are taking kids by storm? Users simply fire up an app such as Facebook or Periscope, turn on the live-streaming feature, aim the camera on themselves, and broadcast to whomever is following them on the app.

Social video-chatting is similar to video-chat apps such as Face Time or Skype, but it’s usually done with lots of people.

The warning followed reported comments by Toshihiro Nikai, secretary general of Japan's ruling Liberal Democratic Party, during a visit to Seoul to meet South Korean President Moon Jae-in and lawmakers.

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Speaking with South Korean lawmakers, Nikai said on Saturday that “those plotting schemes” to block bilateral ties from moving forward should be “eradicated”, several Japanese and South Korean media reported.But now I have someone care about me and look out for my well being as much as I do for her — this is much more than we both hoped for!

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