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17-Sep-2017 01:35

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Opposition to progressive gender equality is manifested in challenges to marriage equality, abortion, reproductive technologies, gender mainstreaming, sex education, sexual liberalism, transgender rights, antidiscrimation policies, and even to the notion of gender itself.

In the European Union anti-gender mobilizations are aimed at changing secular state policies, but also target gender studies programs at universities.

"Investigators are working on finding the boy's family members."The victim was found after police stopped him for a routine check in a Moscow street.

His difficulty answering questions led to the officers asking him to the police station, where his appalling story came out.

Rape, paedophilia, incest, and sodomy – Russian media have targeted France and Germany for years with hundreds of fake or distorted stories, many of which were designed to incite sexual revulsion toward asylum seekers and the politicians who gave them shelter.

Conspiracy theories about false-flag terrorist attacks and about Nazism have also featured in Moscow’s propaganda campaign as France and Germany head for elections.

Russia as the Savior of European Civilization: Gender and the Geopolitics of Traditional Values The 2017 Gensler Family Symposium presents a talk by Professor Kevin Moss, Department of Russian and The Program in Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies.

In this talk, Professor Moss will touch on how several parts of Europe are facing new waves of resistance to a so-called ‘gender ideology’ or ‘gender theory’ after decades of steady progress in terms of gender and sexual rights.

Especially since Putin’s return in 2012, traditional values have become the national idea of Russia.

A statement said: "The boy wasn't allowed to see anyone (except his captor)."The man used the helpless state of the minor and was abusing him sexually." The victim - now 20 - is "emotionally damaged" by his abuse and being shut away from the world, although recently he was permitted to go outside. His family have not been located yet and are seemingly unaware that the teenager, not named, has been found alive, say reports. The statement read: "The man was arrested."He pleaded guilty during his interrogation and gave evidence on the circumstances of the crime.

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