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14-Dec-2017 00:50

As was true in all southern states, slave women played an integral part in Georgia's colonial and antebellum history.

Scholars are beginning to pay more attention to issues of gender in their study of slavery in the Old South and are finding that female slaves faced additional burdens and even more challenges than did some male slaves.

The history of these bastions -- built by the Portuguese, the Dutch, the British, the Danes, the Swedes, the French and the Germans -- is one of exploration, exploitation, greed and freedom lost.

In their damp dungeons, the unimaginable becomes real.

The fighters are assassinating smugglers who rescue the captives, just as funds to buy the women out of slavery are drying up.

The thousands of Yazidi women and children were taken prisoner in August 2014, when IS fighters overran their villages in northern Iraq with the aim to eliminate the Kurdish-speaking minority because of its ancient faith.

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After all, there are billions of Muslims across the globe that aren’t going round capturing women to rape as sex slaves.

KHANKE, Iraq — The advertisement on the Telegram app is as chilling as it is incongruous: A girl for sale is “Virgin. It was shared with the Associated Press by an activist with the minority Yazidi community, whose women and children are being held as sex slaves by the extremists.

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