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Watch It Now On her 62nd birthday this Jan 12th, Kirstie invited Entertainment Tonight into her Wichita, Kansas kitchen for a home-cooked, organic meal.

Kirstie confessed: “My interest isn’t being skinny-minnie, wearing a size 2.

We are committed to our highest standards for quality and transparency from farm to fork.

We never ever use antibiotics, added growth hormones** or steroids, and all of our products are natural* or certified organic.

Sprouting is an age old tradition dating back over 5,000 years.

tru Roots uses a proprietary sprouting process to break down the protective coating on beans, grains and seeds.

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We raise our poultry on family farms in a stress-free environment, using holistic practices to promote their well-being.They always have plenty of room to roam in comfortable barns. We embrace sustainable practices and use renewable resources whenever we can.We are committed to near-zero waste and only source paperboard from well-managed forests that have been certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI).It helps unlock nutrients and creates innovative, shelf-stable products.

Watch the video tru Roots was founded on the idea that our connections to the sources of our foods are important.

Today, the tru Roots team maintains strong relationships with farmers from around the world to source only the highest quality grains, beans and seeds—all of which are harvested using certified organic standards and time-honored traditions.