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06-Aug-2017 21:33

(Consumer Reports)--In mid December the Department of Justice announced that seven men—six from Nigeria and one from South Africa—pled guilty to conning tens of millions of dollars from Americans via online dating sites.

While the case was remarkable for its magnitude, when it comes to so-called “romance scams,” it still represents just the tip of the iceberg.

They’re all controlled through a Web-based platform similar to Gmail, Google’s hugely popular email service.

To use Google Voice, a user first needs to set up a Google account (if they don’t already have one for a Google service such as Gmail).

You can manage all your communication on one convenient, easy-to-use app.

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It offers call-forwarding, messaging, voicemail and voicemail transcription, to name just a few.

After signing in to their account, they can go to and choose a phone number for their Voice account.

Google offers a selection of numbers it has purchased in various area codes.

When users sign up for Google Voice, they are given one phone number that is connected to them across devices and locations, working with mobile phones, desk phones, work phones, and Vo IP lines.

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This enables users to manage all of their phones with one number, letting users customize what phone will ring based on specific callers.

With Hushed Private Phone Line, you’ll rest assured that your real number stays hidden. Hushed allows you to easily make calls on a second number — you can even select the area code of your choice.